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Magpie Bakery


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The Challenge

Magpie Bakery, a new local establishment, faced the challenge of expanding its customer base and increasing its online visibility. They needed a comprehensive solution that would effectively manage their social media presence, leverage digital signage in-store, and optimize their website to attract and engage customers.

Grow Social Media Following
Expand Customer Base
Increased Sales

The Solution

To attract new audiences, Food Focus Media created captivating posts and reels that showcased the bakery’s, culinary creations, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service. Simultaneously, carefully crafted posts were used to target and advertise to the existing client base, such as the restaurant’s biography series, customer reviews, and enticing product promotions.

Digital Signage


Social Media

The Results

The impact of Food Focus’s efforts was remarkable. Within just 90 days, Magpie Bakery experienced a significant surge in their Instagram reach, with an impressive growth of 97%. This increase not only exposed the restaurant to a wider audience but also led to the acquisition of new local followers, further expanding their loyal customer base.

Food Focus’s expertise extended beyond social media, as they effectively managed Magpie Bakery’s digital signage. By bringing social media promotions directly into the physical store, the restaurant experienced an uplift in in-store sales and customer engagement.

Furthermore, the management of Magpie Bakery’s website by Food Focus resulted in an average of 1,400 monthly visits. This well-designed and optimized website became a go-to destination for customers, providing menus, a suggestion box, and an effortless ordering process.


Instagram Reach Growth

New Local Followers

Monthly Website Visits

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